Wedding Cupcakes


I’ve recently had the honor of baking for a wedding! When a friend from high school asked me to supply the baked goods for a dessert bar she wanted at her wedding, I was super excited to get into the kitchen and whip up some wedding-worthy treats. I met with the bride-to-be months before the actual date to discuss colors, flavors, and what types of desserts she wanted, and I’ve spent the past few months brainstorming ideas and bookmarking recipes online. Here are a few pictures I quickly snagged of the cupcakes I made before I delivered them to the bride. Recipes to come!

vanilla bean cupcakes

For this cupcake, I wanted something elegant but simple, and because the colors of the wedding were cream, black, and silver, I decided on a vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean frosting. My sister had bought me vanilla beans a few months ago, so I used pure vanilla seeds in both components, giving this cupcake a strong vanilla flavor. Some may think that’s too much vanilla for one cupcake, but as a chocolate lover, I must say, this cupcake was pretty darn tasty.

mocha cupcakes

The first cupcake of this post and this one are the same flavors, only frosted and decorated slightly different. Personally, I’m not a cupcake lover, so buttercream frosting doesn’t really do much for me. I absolutely love to make it and pipe it, but indulging in it just isn’t my cup of tea. However, I am a sucker for anything coffee flavored, and mocha falls right into that category. With strong black coffee as a main ingredient in this frosting, this mocha buttercream is heavenly – piped on top of devil’s food cake, I think the combo might have made me a cupcake lover after all!