Training for My First Half Marathon!

Three weeks and two days and counting! Until the half marathon, that is. If you haven’t read my post about this half marathon, I advise you do so before reading this one.

With this run approaching quickly, I wanted to post an update on my training (which I probably should have been doing the whole time! oops). The Monday night after I committed to this, I had Kelly send me the training schedule she’s following (shown below). Being that I was already a week behind, I decided I needed to start ASAP, so I started that Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym. Both times I finished in about 27 minutes, which equals out to be a 9 minute mile.

Since that first week, I think I can say that I’ve been very dedicated to staying on top of my running, and have been progressively getting better. Saturdays are the hardest because they’re always the longest distance. Last week I ran 6 miles (slightly hungover too), and finished with a decent time. I don’t think I’ve ever ran 6 miles in my life, so this was an achievement in itself!

Because I start training late into the schedule, I can’t say exactly what week is for me. I’m also slightly changing this schedule up a bit. Instead of training up to 12 miles, I’m only going up to 11. This is because if I run 12, there really isn’t a point in spending $90 to run 13 a few weeks later, ya know?

While keeping the weekday schedule the same, I plan to run 8 miles this Saturday, 11 the next, the Saturday after that back down to 8, and the Saturday after that 6. I’ve also been following @RunLikeaDiva on Twitter, while gives great tips and encouragement on training.


This is going to be an enormous challenge for me mentally and physically, not to mention the challenge it’s been to find the time to run with my crazy schedule. But I will do it… because if I don’t, I know Kelly won’t be too happy