Things I’m Loving This Week

These are just a few things I’m loving this week:

This past Monday, I went to the Great Jones Spa in NYC for a facial. I’ve gotten a few facials in my lifetime, and this one takes the cake! It was the most relaxing and stress-relieving experience ever – other than the fact that I got lost getting there. I really need to learn my way around the city, or invest in a Droid. Anywho, they had water coolers full of lemon infused water.

Now, let me tell you how just the other day I told my roommate, who loves lemon in her water, that lemon-water is the most disgusting thing ever. Water is water. Water with lemons is wannabe lemonade. After my spa experience, however, I am obsessed. To the point where I made my dorm room our very own lemon-infused water pitcher (the pitcher is pink, not the water) =)

To top off a great trip to the city, I stopped at pinkberry, and pondered life. Well, not really. I did a photo assignment and then scurried off to make the bus back to school. Pinkberry is heaven. In a perfect world, after-dinner dessert would always be pinkberry. But this world is far from perfect my friends…

While listening to a Mumford & Sons playlist on YouTube, I came across these guys: Iron and Wine. I like them a lot, and I suggest you give them a listen. And if you haven’t listened to Mumford, do yourself a favor and listen to them too. Not just “little lion man,” listen to other songs not played on the radio every 5 minutes.

Tonight’s after-dinner dessert wasn’t pinkberry. It was chunks of dark chocolate and cupcakes. Beggers can’t be choosers, ya know.

What were your favorite things this week?