Spring Semester: Photography

I spent this past weekend celebrating my 21st birthday (thanks to those who made it a blast!) and doing my homework due for this week. This semester’s homework is proving to be just a tad different than last semester’s mainly because I’m taking more photography/interactive media courses, rather than all writing intensive courses. Though I am a journalism major, I’m finding out that photos tell stories themselves, and I’m falling in love with using my Canon Rebel XSi. Ohhhh spring semester, how I love you already.

I have an assignment due Wednesday and one of the photos we are prompted to take is a landscape shot. I decided to go to the lake near my home where I run. It’s a cute little community in my hometown and I couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day to snap a few shots. People were jogging, walking their dogs, and kids were even playing hockey on the frozen lake. I love that photography can be so simple, and can be of something you see so often, but capturing it in a moment can make it feel like so much more.

My mom was looking through my pictures and stopped at this close-up photo of my puppy, Tigger. Tigger is old. He’s now deaf, is losing his eyesight, and can barely jump up on the couch, but he’s still a puppy in our eyes. My mom said the photo nearly brought tears to her eyes, seeing Tigger’s adorable little face on the camera like that. He’s a cutie.

I miss running outside, and now Jersey is getting more snow?! Where are we going to put all of this? Laying on a beach sounds really good right now…. so does a white hot chocolate from Dunkin. Or buffalo wings.

As much as I do like my classes this semester, a snow day would be much appreciated tomorrow.