Run Like a Diva

Monday night while at work at the restaurant, a co-worker of mine mentioned a half marathon that she will be taking part in in October. She also “mentioned” that I should run it with her…

I’ve been talking to Kelly, a young 31 year old (I still don’t believe her), for about a month now about our exercise regiments, and she seems to have the same mindset as me: exercise is healthy, soothing, and most of all – vital. We both belong to gyms, have done exercise classes, and can’t imagine a workout without a good sweat.

The Diva’s Half Marathon (and girl’s 5K) is held by Continental Events and Sports Management and is being held in Long Island, NY on October 3rd of this year. “Run Like a Diva” is their slogan, and that is exactly what they want you to do. The Diva’s Half Marathon is not a charity event, but more just a “yay women!” run.

Here are the highlights:

So after reading about this half marathon and looking over the highlights, I’m in! Boutiques, feather boas and tiaras, roses, champagne, and a hunk to meet me at the finish line… tell me ladies, could it get better?!

Mind you…

I have never ran a half marathon, and I am not, whatsoever, a long distance runner. But for me, this is a challenge I want to put my mind and body towards (plus, I think I get a car magnet for bragging rights! hehe).

It’s only Thursday, and the thought of running 13.1 miles all at once has been occupying my brain every second of every day. Can I do it? Can my body do it? Do I have enough time to train for something like this? WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?!

(Deep breaths, Sammy…)

Kelly and I are in the same boat (sigh of relief). She’s not doing this for time, nor has she ever ran a half marathon. She’s training at the same level as me, and she has confidence that she can do this.

Confidence. Confidence. That word holds a lot of meaning. I hate to get all sentimental on you people, but in all seriousness, that is what’s holding me back from truly believing that I can do this. So right now, I am stopping self-doubt, and Kelly, I will run to that finish line with you and claim my hunk and glass of champagne!


Note: Chris, you know you’re my only hunk 

I’m psyched about this. If not for anything else, I want to prove to myself and my body that I can do this. Stay tuned for tips and on how my training it going!