How to Lose Weight With Your Loved One?

It is common for women to follow the rules of proper nutrition, but men are also no exception. If thoughts that summer is coming and it is worth losing a few extra pounds is increasingly visiting both of you, then try a diet for two – it will help you get the desired result. 

1.     Set a shared goal

Since you are losing weight together, you are both responsible for the result. Count how many extra pounds you need to get rid of, and how much your partner is ready to lose. Add both numbers. If you are going to lose 10 kg, and your woman wants to lose 13 kg and looks like beauties from, your overall goal is to lose 23 kg. To achieve this, weigh yourself regularly and write down your body measurements.

2.     Eat healthy food

So that you start losing weight, it is worth gradually including foods with a high content of zinc (fish, seafood, seeds, nuts, berries) and magnesium (cocoa, buckwheat, beans, dried fruits) in the diet of men – these minerals are needed for the production of testosterone, normal work of the heart and blood vessels. And for a woman, an obligatory element is calcium (firstly, it prevents rebound weight gain, and secondly, it strengthens bones).

3.     Change the way you eat

At first, you should remember that the main thing is not so much to lose kilograms as not to gain even more. Switch to different methods of cooking. You can bake, boil, stew, steam, or grill food. And so that they don’t seem bland, experiment – add spices and seasonings, marinate beforehand.

4.     Exercise regularly

Fitness can turn into a boring routine, but if you do fitness with a loved one, it becomes much more interesting especially if you add an element of competition into this activity. You can buy a membership to the fitness club for two or go in for sports together: ride a bike, jog, and so on. Moreover, it will make you even closer. 

5.     Consider “escape routes”

If you can’t imagine life without hot dogs on Monday, pizzas on Wednesday, and burgers on Saturday, take it for granted and don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Come up with a tasty alternative to them! Instead of a yeast bun with double sausage and sauces, eat whole grain bread (or pita bread) with a green salad and vegetable. Choose “dietary” pizza toppings – chicken breast, tomatoes, olives, green peas, and corn.

6.     Snack on healthy foods, not junk food

Choose healthy snacks that both you and your partner will enjoy. Replace potato chips, crackers, and salted nuts with lean baked potatoes or biscuits. Try to carry a bag of pre-cut fresh vegetables (such as carrots) with you and snack on them whenever you feel hungry.

7.     Add more protein to your diet

According to the observations of nutritionists, the menu of obese people is high in fat and carbohydrates and low in protein. Meanwhile, protein is a building material for the body. It helps strengthen muscle mass, thanks to which a person loses weight faster. Among other things, protein foods are great for filling and minimizing the risk of overeating.

8.     Learn new low-calorie recipes

To keep your diet interesting, learn new low-calorie diet recipes. It will not be difficult, it is enough to type the corresponding request on the Internet. Experiment with recipes to find dishes that go well with your menu.

9.     Drink water and herbal teas

For the joint weight loss program to work, it is very important to give up alcohol (or at least limit its consumption) and sugary soft drinks. When you feel thirsty, drink water or herbal tea (green tea, tea with chamomile, lemon, mint, and so on).