Grilling Chicken 101

Don’t be scared. Grilled chicken is your friend.

You can eat it plain, on a salad, on a sandwich, make a panini, dip it in honey (as I used to do as a kid still do as a 21-year-old), throw it in pasta, make quesadillas, make pizza, anddd the list goes on.

What I’m trying to get at is that grilling chicken is so super easy, I think you should try it. You may be saying to yourself, “this post may be a bit more appropriate for the summer season, ya know, when my grill is not a frozen brick,” but I felt the need to write about grilled chicken now, in the middle of the coldest darn winter I have ever experienced.

We actually have a giant grilling pan in our house that goes over the stove top. It’s really convenient, and I do suggest one for anyone who likes to grill and not freeze their buns off during the winter. I’m not sure how elementary this post may sound, but I feel like grilling chicken may be one of those things some people just don’t know how to do. So first things first, get your pieces of chicken out and give them a few squirt of olive oil. Flip them over to cover both sides. Then, add your favorite grilling spice – I use Mrs. Dash’s Chicken Grilling Blend – but you can use lemon pepper, or cajun spice, or Montreal Steak Seasoning, or whatever your little heart desires. Add some salt and pepper, and you’re good to go. Make sure your grill is hot and throw those pieces on there. Let them sizzle away, and depending on how thick or thin your pieces are, flip them when you think the first side is done cooking. If your pieces are really thick, make sure you cut into them to make sure the thickest part is fully cooked. The outside may get a bit charcoaled, but you don’t want to serve uncooked chicken. When juices run clear, and no pink is left inside, you’re good to go! See, wasn’t that so fun and easy?!

Now go enjoy your grilled chicken. Go wild.