Funfetti Cake Balls


After making cake balls last week and bringing them to school for my roommates and friends, I had a request to make Funfetti cake balls. I thought, since everyone loves funfetti cake, I can’t image how they wouldn’t be a hit!

inside of cake ball

I didn’t attempt to make my own funfetti mix from scratch though, so I – keeping my dignity – used box mix and canned frosting, straight from the grocery store shelf. They held together a lot nicer than the ones my sister and I made, but I still think I’m more of a fan of the chocolate mocha. I’m a chocoholic though, so my opinion is a bit bias.

funfetti cake balls
cake balls

What’s your favorite cake? I’m taking suggestions and requests for flavors of cake balls, so if you have a flavor you want me to make, let me know!!