How to get rid of weed smell

            Cannabis is a flower with a primary function of creating terpenes, the odor chemical in flower. Terpenes can be the best or the worst parts of enjoying marijuana as the stench of the bud can be stimulating but can also give away your secret ritual to other people. So, if you want to buy marijuana and be mindful of your spouse, roommate, your neighbors or you wish to your favorite pass time to stay private, here are tips and tricks to get rid of weed smell.

Get rid of weed smell through these top ways.

Buy a vape pen

            If you want to remove the smell of weed instead of disguising it as anything else, your first step should be to trade in your joint, bong or bowl for a vape pen. Vaping is one of the most discreet methods of taking weed. Instead of burning cannabis, a vape pen heats up the cannabis without igniting it ensuring it cuts down the odor of marijuana by ninety percent. The portability of the vape pen ensures you maintain your privacy even when you want to smoke in public or around other people and you can also use it to smoke e-cigarette juice.

Use smoke filters

            If you are looking for an economical and compact solution to get rid of weed smell, choose smoke filters. Filters such as the smoke buddy are a convenient way of ensuring that you can smoke your marijuana from anywhere whether it is the car, the office or in public. All you do is exhale smoke into the filter, and the stimulated carbon filter absorbs it immediately. Filters such as the smoke buddy make sure it eliminates most of the cannabis stench. However, there is a slim chance that a small amount may escape into the air but little enough not to raise any alarm.

Use aroma candles

            If you are looking for a quick and expedient solution, aromatic candles should be your first line of defense against weed smell. Scented candles consist of organic agents that attack and eliminate weed odor in the air as opposed to covering it up. Their convenience comes about because they are universal and you can find them in many locations such as grocery shops, supermarkets, and convenient stores. To get rid of weed smell, light the candles ten to fifteen beforehand and let it stand long after you smoke. Select candles made from natural ingredients such as soy as they will burn for a long time enabling you to enjoy a smoke-free surrounding.

Use air fresheners

            Use of an air freshener is the most prominent and quickest way of eliminating the smell of pot. Air fresheners such as Febreeze or Ozium makes life easier by releasing small amounts of odor all through the day, masking the smell of weed immediately, as well as, introducing a pleasant scent into the room. Spray the space you are smoking in multiple times before, spray again as you inhale and afterward for effective removal of the stench. The fact that they are affordable at twelve dollars and readily available in all stores is another plus for you to keep your space fresh.

Ways to get rid of marijuana smell

            Despite the continued legalization of marijuana, more people still have a problem with it; leaving the option of your home as the only place you can comfortably enjoy cannabis. Its potency produces an odor even you may not want to tolerate, however through the use of a vape pen, smoking filters, aroma candles and air fresheners you are sure of getting rid of marijuana smell.